TPG4150 Reservoir Recovery Techniques

Professor Jon Kleppe (

Fall semester 2017


Lectures on Wednesdays 8:15-10:00 and Thursdays 8:15-10:00 in classroom P1

Assistance with exercises Mondays 13:15-14:00 and Fridays 11:15-12:00 in classroom P1

Final exam: Dec. 2, 9:00-13:00

Amalie Bjørnevik ( will assist with exercises

Course information and preliminary list of recommended reading material

List of lectures, exercises & handout notes

Exercise no. 1

Exercise no. 2

Exercise no. 3

Exercise no. 4

Exercise no. 5

Exercise no. 6

Exercise no. 7

Hand-out note no. 1: Material Balance Equations

Hand-out note no. 2: Derivation of Fluid Flow Equations

Hand-out note no. 3: Review of Relative Permeabilities and Capillary Pressures

Article: Oilfield Review, Fundamentals of Wettability

Hand-out note no. 4: Buckley-Leverett Analysis

Hand-out note no. 5: Dietz Stability Analysis

Hand-out note no. 6: Dykstra-Parson's Method for Isolated Layers

Hand-out note no. 7: Fractured Reservoirs Paper (read only first part)

Group Project Description

Introduction to the Gulltopp Satellite Field

Pressure and Production Data for the Gulltopp Satellite Field

Eclipse Reference Manual

Final exam 2016

Final exam 2015

Final exam 2014

Solution to final exam 2016

Solution to final exam 2015

Solution to final exam 2014