TPG4150 Reservoir Recovery Techniques

Professor Jon Kleppe (

Fall semester 2017


Lectures on Wednesdays 8:15-12:00 and Thursdays 8:15-10:00 in classroom P1

Amalie Bjørnevik ( will assist with exercises

Course information and preliminary list of recommended reading material

List of lectures, exercises & handout notes

Exercise no. 1

Exercise no. 2

Exercise no. 3

Exercise no. 4

Exercise no. 5

Exercise no. 6

Exercise no. 7

Hand-out note no. 1: Material Balance Equations

Hand-out note no. 2: Derivation of Fluid Flow Equations

Hand-out note no. 3: Review of Relative Permeabilities and Capillary Pressures

Article: Oilfield Review, Fundamentals of Wettability

Hand-out note no. 4: Buckley-Leverett Analysis

Hand-out note no. 5: Dietz Stability Analysis

Hand-out note no. 6: Dykstra-Parson's Method for Isolated Layers

Hand-out note no. 7: Fractured Reservoirs Paper (read only first part)

Group Project Description

Introduction to the Gulltopp Satellite Field

Pressure and Production Data for the Gulltopp Satellite Field

Eclipse Reference Manual