TPG4160 Reservoir Simulation 2017-Professor Jon Kleppe

TPG4160 Reservoir Simulation

Professor Jon Kleppe

Spring semester 2018


Course information

List of lectures, hand-out notes and exercises

Note 1 - Introduction to reservoir simulation

Note 2 - Review of basic steps in derivation of flow equations

Note 3 - Discretization of the flow equations

Note 4 - One dimensional, one phase flow simulation

Note 5 - Direct Solution of Sets of Linear Equations

Note 6 - Oil-water simulation - IMPES solution

Note 7 - Saturated Oil-Gas Simulation - IMPES Solution

Note 8 - Undersaturated Oil-Gas Simulation - IMPES Solution

Note 9 - Three Phase Flow (.pdf)

Note 10 - Variable Bubble Point Problems (.pdf)

Note 11 - Systems of Variable Flow Area (.pdf)

Note 12 - Solution of Non - Linear Equations (.pdf)

Note 13 - Introduction to fractured reservoir simulation (.pdf)

Paper - Dual Porosity, Dual Permeability Formulation for Fractured Simulation (.pdf)

Note 14 - Introduction to compositional simulation (.pdf)

Petrowiki article: Phase behavior in reservoir simulation

Reservoir model design - part of book

Building a model -- preliminary version

Exercise 1 - Explicit and implicit solution to the one-dimensional diffusivity equation

Code for Exercise 1 to be downloaded and compiled/linked on your user on

Exercise 2 - Oil-Water Simulations

Exercise 3 - Gas injection in undersaturated oil - Eclipse exercise

Exercise 4 - Refining grids

Exercise 5 - Modeling of horizontal wells

Exercise 6 - Simulation of gas and water coning

Article for Exercise 6

Data file for Exercise 6

Group project description for the Norne Field

Student groups

Presentation 1 for the Norne Field

Presentation 2 for the Norne Field