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Martin Landrø


Børge Arntsen


Rune Holt


Alexey Stovas


Bjørn Ursin


About the Rock Seismic Research Project

The ROSE consortium at NTNU was launched in 2004, with the basic funding from the Norwegian Research Council. 7 industrial partners (BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Statoil, Hydro, Shell and Total) joined the consortium during the first years, and this industrial influence has been and still is a crucial part of the consortium. Today the consortium has 22 sponsors in addition to the Norwegian Research Council.

What we do

One major focal point is rock physics and rock mechanics, with emphasis on implications to seismic applications. The second focal area is geophysical reservoir characterization including AVO-studies and time lapse seismic. Seismic imaging and inversion is the third discipline we pay special attention to.

Who we are

Currently, 14 PhD candidates, 2 post docs and 5 professors are engaged in the consortium. In addition, several adjunct professors contribute with supervision and research activities.

  • Martin Landrø
  • Børge Arntsen
  • Rune Hold
  • Alexey Stovas
  • Bjørn Ursin
Post docs
  • Espen Raknes, working on FWI-inversion techniques for exploration (multicomponent, elastic 3D). Large scale modeling and inversion using seismological data.
  • Qi Hao, working on kinematics in orthorhombic media.
PhD candidates
  • Toan Dao, working on 4D analysis and 4D noise related to broadband data acquisition. Presently studying noise on streamer data acquired with various streamer configurations (slanted, deep, snake, …).
  • Kjetil Eik Haavik, working on variable source depth acquisition, injection of wavefields into FD modeling schemes, near surface seismic and interpretation of time lapse seismic data.
  • Filipe Borges, Time lapse seismic analysis of PRM-data.
  • Tore Bergslid, Full Waveform Inversion including anisotropic effects.
  • Yuri Ivanov, Upscaling in orthorhombic media.
  • Xi Shibo, Diving wave analysis in anisotropic media.
  • Vegard Hagen, Full Waveform Inversion using full expression for the Hessian matrix for improved resolution.
  • Yi Liu, Borehole imaging using seismic interferometric methods.
  • Ivan Karpov, Imaging of thin vents or pipes using seismic data.
  • Daniel Wehner, Low frequency sources and low frequency imaging.
  • Marco D’Oleire, Full waveform inversion including absorption.
  • Jon Marius Venstad, Computational seismology and tomography.
  • Hadi Balhareth, 4D full wave form inversion.
  • Babak Khodabandeloo, Seismic acquisition and environmental impact.

Annual Meeting and Course

The yearly 2-day consortium meetings gather approximately 60 researchers and students, and serve as an excellent meeting place for our PhD students and regular students to meet with the industry and receive feedback. The two-day consortium meeting is followed by a 2-day short course within selected topics relevant to the consortium. In 2009 a 4D course was given by David Lumley and Martin Landrø and the topic for this year will be on seismic imaging.

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