ROck SEismic research project

Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology


The ROSE consortium meeting takes place April 27-30 2015. More information will appear here soon!

The ROSE Project

The ROSE consortium at NTNU was launched in 2004, with the basic funding from the Norwegian Research Council. 7 industrial partners (BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Statoil, Hydro, Shell and Total) joined the consortium during the first years, and this industrial influence has been and still is a crucial part of the consortium. Today the consortium has 22 sponsors in addition to the Norwegian Research Council.

One major focal point is rock physics and rock mechanics, with emphasis on implications to seismic applications. The second focal area is geophysical reservoir characterization including AVO-studies and time lapse seismic. Seismic imaging and inversion is the third discipline we pay special attention to.

Currently, 10 PhD students, 1 post doc and 5 professors are engaged in the consortium. In addition, several adjunct professors contribute with supervision and research activities. The yearly 2-day consortium meetings gather approximately 60 researchers and students, and serve as an excellent meeting place for our PhD students and regular students to meet with the industry and receive feedback.

The two-day consortium meeting is followed by a 2-day short course within selected topics relevant to the consortium. In 2009 a 4D course was given by David Lumley and Martin Landrø and the topic for this year will be on seismic imaging.

A simplified model (top left) for a compacting reservoir (blue rectangle at 800 m depth), and the corresponding modeled vertical displacement field (top right) and estimated 4D time-shifts (bottom). Figure taken from Pamela Tempone’s 2009 SEG extended abstract.


Martin Landrø, Professor of Petroleum Geophysics

Rune Holt, Professor of Petroleum Geophysics

Alexey Stovas, Professor of Petroleum Geophysics

Bjørn Ursin, Professor of Petroleum Geophysics

Børge Arntsen, Professor of Petroleum Geophysics