My main field of expertise is petroleum production engineering. This is a multidisciplinary specialization that englobes: performance of near wellbore formation, well completion systems, wellbore flow, artificial lift equipment, gathering and distribution systems, flow assurance and production processing. The generic disciplines involved are fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and fluid behavior, multiphase flow, structural mechanics, flow in porous media, modeling and simulation, experimental methods, problem‐solving engineering skills, among others.

My research also integrates digital methods and tools like programming, simulation, optimization, uncertainty handling, data analysis, and considerations on energy usage and efficiency and emissions.

I work mainly with modeling of petroleum production systems and applications within design and operations, often requiring system‐level and/or component level‐analysis. My group and I do mostly applied research on topics originating from industry needs and challenges.

Some of my past and current topics of research are:
•Production optimization.
•Methods for hydrocarbon field planning
•Bulk separation (e.g. experimental design, analysis and numerical simulation of inline oil-water separation)
•Gas well liquid loading

Current research projects

-SUBPRO research program.
-BRU21 research program.
-LowEmission research center.
-NEXFLOW Research project on oil-water flow models.
-Multiflow SUITE Applications of data-driven multiphase modeling. Course Website

Current research team

-Hamidreza Asaadian (PhD researcher, Bulk oil-water separation in pipe). Project part of SUBPRO.
-Leila Eyni (PhD researcher, Energy-efficient hydrocarbon production systems). Project part of the LowEmission Center.
-Diana Gonzalez (Postdoctoral fellow, Oil-water flow models). Project part of NEXFLOW.
-Abraham Parra (Researcher, Integration of offshore oil and gas facilities with alternative energies). Project part of SUBPRO.
-Andre Quintino (Postdoctoral fellow, applications of data-driven multiphase flow modeling). Project part of Multiflow SUITE.