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Norne benchmarck case is a unique set of real oil field data which is currently being organized by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Operator Equinor and partners (ENI and Petoro) have agreed with NTNU to release large amounts of subsurface data from the Norne field for research and education purposes. An important objective of this agreement is to establish a number of international benchmark cases based on real data for the testing of reservoir characterization/history matching and/or production optimization methodologies. This database will be hosted and supported by the Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry (IO Center) at NTNU. Besides NTNU, the universities involved initially in the project are Stanford University and Delft University of Technology.

The Equinor-operated Norne Field is an oil field offshore Norway that has been in production as a subsea field mainly through water injection since 1997. The expected ultimate oil recovery is more than 60%; probably the highest recovery of all subsea oil reservoirs, worldwide. During 13 years of production five 4D extremely high quality seismic surveys have been recorded. This unique dataset will be first accessible to IO Center partners via a dedicated webpage. The future plan is to make these data available (in sequential packages) to the public domain, and to arrange interactive competitive workshops to share experiences. The first introductory package of Norne data is currently under release, and comprises the so-called “E-Segment”. This package contains reservoir simulation model, production data, measured fluid PVT, detailed geological description, petrophysical data, well logs, well completion solutions, and detailed 4D geophysical data (processed and unprocessed). The whole field will later be included in extended cases, adding complexity to the benchmark cases.

All the data are available on a NTNU server and administrated by NTNU personnel. The IO center at NTNU will support the Norne field data.

To get access to the Norne database please fill in the license agreement form and send it to one of the persons under contact information.

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