1.2 Automated interpretation, diacnotics and advisory in real time


  • Develop knowledge and methodology for improved and automatic decision support and knowledge transfer during well construction. Applications:
  • Improve knowledge transfer
  • Early diagnosis of problems such as stuck pipe, poor hole cleaning and drillstring washout
  • Automatic decision support

Cooperating sub projects:

  • Sub project 1.1 develops or already has the needed visualization and graphical user interface to which our diagnosis system can connect. Our activity 6 “Develop visualization methodology for interpreted drilling data” is therefore removed from the activities list.
  • Our activity 2 “Development of data pre-processing methodology” will make use of the data quality module and status detection which is part of sub project 1.1
  • Cooperation is planned with Sub project 3.1 concerning activities 4 and 5 with 3.1 as project host. We will here draw on experience from the Mimir framework


  1. Detailed analysis of historical data made available by participating companies
  2. Development of data pre-processing methodology
  3. Development of model-based interpretation.
  4. Development of purely data driven interpretation methods based on modern data mining
  5. Combine methods model-based and data driven methods developed above
  6. Analyze results from a pilot which tests methods for stuck pipe and washout detection

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