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More photos from the ANTHEI Graduation Ceremony 2014 (2014-11-27)
The Graduation Ceremony Tuesday was arranged in honor of the Tanzanian students in the first cohort in ANTHEI program. The 10 students who were admitted in 2012 have completed Master's degrees at NTNU. Hilde Skeie and Egil Tjåland handed out diplomas in Dar es Salaam

The first 10 students from Tanzania that have completed their M.Sc. degrees from NTNU as part of the ANTHEI Program received their diplomas in a cermony in Dares es Salam yesterday  (2014-11-26)
ANTHEI is an acronym for the master program in Petroleum Engineering / Petroleum Geoscience that NTNU, supported by NORAD (EnPe) and Statoil Tanzania, have established in partnership with Universidade Agosthino Neto in Luanda, Angola and the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (UDSM). The first 10 students from Tanzania were admitted to the program in 2012, and have all completed master's degrees partly in Trondheim and partly in Dar es Salaam, in a very satisfactory manner, with guidance from NTNU, UDSM and Statoil Tanzania. Egil Tjåland and Hilde Skeie presented diplomas from NTNU to the proud graduates during a ceremony in Dar es Salaam yesterday, with a large number of guests from the Tanzanian authorities, UDSM, Statoil Tanzania, students families and the press. From the Department participated in addition Richard Wilfred Rwechungura, who is instrumental in running the ANTHEI Program.

Visit from Memorial University Newfoundland (2014-11-25)
Professors Faisal Khan and Lesley James at the Process Engineering Department visited the department today to discuss possible research collaboration and their new petroleum program. From NTNU participated Ingrid Utne, Vidar Hepsø Jon Lippe and Jon Kleppe.

Curtis Whitson is profiled as a Gaselle grunder in Dagens Næringsliv (2014-11-24)
Professor Curtis Hays Whitson has for almost ten years been working on developing Pipe-it technology. The breakthrough came when giant Saudi Aramco gave the assignment to optimize around 600 oil wells to small Petrostreamz in Trondheim.

SUBPRO becomes new Centre for Research Based Innovation (2014-11-21)
Departments Chemical Engineering, Production and Quality Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics applied jointly for SFI status within the subsea area. The grant was announced by NFR chief Arvid Hallén today! Center Director is Professor Sigurd Skogestad.

The National Geoscience Council met in Oslo yesterday (2014-11-18)
The National Geoscience Council meets regularly to discuss common issues between universities and colleges. An example question is concerning classification of the publication channels 0, 1 and 2. Those who attended were UIO, UIS, UIB, UIT, NTNU, UNIS and Sogn og Fjordane University College. From NTNU attended the May Britt Mørk and Egil Tjåland.

The department's Ph.D Seminar takes place today (2014-11-18)
The seminar is organized by the Institute's PhD candidates in collaboration with the Institute, and is the start of annual PhD seminar. Around 80 people are attending, including PhD students, master students and teachers. Seminar leader is Ph.D student Katie Aurand.

The local newspaper Midt-Norge Olje&Gass praises Martin Landrø (2014-11-17)
Martin Landrø was awarded NPD's IOR prize earlier this year for his research and development related to the use of 4D seismic to increase oil recovery. He has numerous other awards, and Mid-Norge Olje&Gas highlights his merits in their latest issue.

Tjåland and Kleppe interviewed in Midt-Norge Olje&Gass (2014-11-17)
The local oil newspaper Midt-Norge Olje&Gass has focused on falling oil prize and downsizing in the Norwegian oil industry in the last edition of the newspaper. Egil Tjåland and Jon Kleppe interviewed to reveal the academic vision of the future.

Workshop for development of cooperation between Schlumberger and NTNU (2014-11-17)
Three groups have been established for the development of the Schlumberger NTNU collaboration and the group for Integrated Operations/IOR met at Schlumberger in Stavanger today. The agenda for the workshop was discussion of possible research areas. From Schlumberger participated Lars Sønneland, Christophe Dupuis, Hans Bjørneli and Jørn Sikkerbol, and from NTNU Bjarne Foss, Brage Knudsen, Mathias Bellout and Jon Kleppe.

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