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Latest news

Visit by the Norwegian Ambassador in Mozambique (2014-10-30)
The Norwegian ambassador in Maputo, Mozambique, Ms. Mette Masst, visited the department yesterday. The purpose of the visit was to discuss how NTNU could potentially contribute to the development of the petroleum education program at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. From NTNU participated Ole Jørgen Nydal, Hilde Skeie and Jon Kleppe. A follow-up meeting will be held during the EnPe conference in Dar es Salaam last week of November.

Visit to Memorial University (2014-10-30)
In connection with the Transatlantic Science Week in Toronto, visited Egil Tjåland, Harald Ellingsen and Invald Strømmen Memorial University at their St. John's campus. Memorial wants assistance from Norway to develop a new program for petroleums education, which was the main topic in the discussions. From Memorial participated Bruce Colbourne (Head, Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Department), Greg Naterer (Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science), Tahir Husain (Associate Dean, Research), Ahmid Selim and Kelly Hawbolt (both from Process Engineering Department ).

-Much good has emerged from the petroleum ethics debate (2014-10-27)
Professor Olav Bjarte Fosso, the new head of TSO Energy at NTNU, and participant in NENT's debate meeting in Litteraturhuset last Thursday, sums up the debate.

Exploration week 43 (2014-10-27)
An overview of last week's exploration activities is given below, and includes that Statoil discovered oil and gas in D-Structure, Island Innovator is heading to the Kopervik-location and Exxon Mobil postpones Prince indefinitely.

New Knight in the Earth Science Society! (2014-10-27)
During the Bergforeningen's 100 year anniversary celebration Saturday night, Egil Tjåland was promoted to Knight of the Society. The picture below shows Egil with the Knighthood star, while he presents 50 kgs of tin to the Society. The tin is to be used for making tin buttons for the ceremonial suit to all new students in the relevant study programss, with an appropriate inscription. Congratulations, Egil!

Alumni meeting in Toronto (2014-10-27)
A group from NTNU participates in Transatlantic Science Week in Toronto this week. Sunday evening the rector invited to an alumni meeting at the hotel. From the department participated Egil Tjåland

Visit by UiS (2014-10-26)
As a re-visit of the visit as rector at NTNU made to UiS some time ago, a group of UiS visited NTNU last Friday. The purpose of the visits was to exchange information on research and education, existing cooperation and future prospects. From the department participated Egil Tjåland, Milan Stanko, Curtis Whitson and Ole Torsæter.

NENT has conducted a panel debate on ethics in petroleum research (2014-10-26)
As a follow-up of the statement on ethics in petroleum research it issued earlier this year, the National Committee on Ethics in petroleum, invited the National Research Ethics Committee for Science and Technology (NENT) invited to an open meeting at the House of Literature last Thursday, where key players were challenged to discuss key issues raised in the debate: 1) Presents universities' cooperation with the oil industry a threat to their independence? 2) What kind of place should research which helps to extend the oil age have at research institutions? 3) What are the consequences statement for universities? From the Department participated Egil Tjåland

Exploration Week 40 (2014-10-24)
Petro.no publishes each week a summary of exploration activities on the Norwegian shelf. Below is the list for week 40.

Statoil has made a significant oil discovery close to the Grane Field (2014-10-22)
The discovery, which can be up to 80 million bbl.. of recoverable oil, is located near the Grane Field in the North Sea, and a development solution can thus be associated with this.

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