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Latest news

The Svalex field course is profiled on geoforskning.no (2014-09-02)
This year's Svalex is the 14th field course in the series, and so far it seems to be the last. Geoforskning.no has devoted a great article on the matter. Egil Tjåland has been leader of the field course since its inception.

Svalex 2014 is completed (2014-09-01)
Svalex 2014 was arranged 14.-25. August, with a total of 88 students from NTNU, UiO, UiB, UiS and UiT. Svalex is a field course arranged annually at Svalbard. The objectives of the course is to allow graduates from majors in geology, geophysics and petroleum engineering work together in groups to solve problems in the exploration and production of oil and gas. The first part of the course was held in the premises of the University Centre at Svalbard (UNIS). There, theory was given by teachers from the participating universities. Thereafter students embarked the ship MS Expedition to study geology around Svalbard's many fjords. Svalbard is an uplifted part of the continental shelf of the Barents Sea, and one can therefore study exposed geology along the fjords that would otherwise only be observed in drill cores from oil wells. Half of the students were also given the opportunity to acquire seismic data from the seismic ship MS Håkon Mosby. Statoil and the five cooperating universities financed Svalex for the 14th consecutive year. The project leader for the field course is Egil Tjåland.

Statoil presents new drilling method (2014-09-01)
Research director Lars Høier in Statoil has presented a new and time-saving method of drilling that can save two days drilling per well. The first generation of the system makes it possible to drill a borehole and feed at once. The tool was first used commercially in the Grane field in 2012

Professor Martin Landrø received the IOR Award for 2014 (2014-08-26)
Under ONS in Stavanger today, Martin Landrø awarded NPD's IOR prize for 2014, he received the award for his efforts to develop 4D seismic for mapping, production management and monitoring of reservoirs. Director General Bente Nyland presented the award. Congratulations Martin!

10 bill. bbls oe. in new reserves on NCS (2014-08-26)
In a new analysis conducted by Wood Mackenzie it is estimated that the new resources in 206 discoveries are 10 billion bbls. oe., of which 4.8 to 6.4 can be recovered.

Network meeting Stanford U-Schlumberger-NTNU (2014-08-21)
On the initiative of Schlumberger, a joint network meeting at Stanford was held Monday and Tuesday. Stanford's Earth Science School presented research activities Schlumberger actively contribute to. Under the new partnership agreement between Schlumberger and NTNU is it an objective to exploit the huge academic network that Schlumberger has including some of the leading universities in the world to create more international cooperation. From Stanford attended Tony Kovscek, Lou Durlofski, Biondo Biondi, Tchelepi Hamdi, Tapan Mukerji and Jerry Harris; from Schlumberger Najib Abusalbi; and from NTNU Jon Kleppe.

Production numbers for July (2014-08-14)
In July the liquids production per day was 1.935 million barrels, which is 153,000 barrels per day more than in June (about 8 percent). Gas production was 8.0 billion cubic meters (GSm3), which is 0.6 GSm3 more than in June.

Visit from Australia (2014-08-13)
Professor Keith Hampson, who leads a national center for Sustainable Built Environment at Curtin University, visited the department today for discussions on cooperation and student exchange. He also visits BAT and International Office. From the department participated Jon Kleppe

New students are enrolled (2014-08-13)
After participating in ceremonies at Gløshaugen, the newly enrolled students visited the department after lunch yesterday, where Sigbjørn Sangesland welcomed and briefed them on the department's activities. Around 55 Norwegian students are enrolled in the first year of the 5-year program, while around 50 foreign students are starting in the international M.Sc. programs

The VR students' Oculus FPV project is presented at the Maker Faire festival at the end of August (2014-08-13)
The student group in Egil Tjåland's VR Village that developed controlling a helicopter using Oculus glasses, which was seen by nearly 400,000 on Youtube, are demonstrating the project at the inventor festival Makers Faire in Trondheim 29.-30. August.

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