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Latest news

Production numbers for November (2014-12-17)
NPD reports that liquids production for November was 1.939 million barrels of oil, NGL and condensate per day, which is 1% less than in October. Gas production was 10.2 billion cubic meters (GSm3), which is 0.3 GSm3 less than o October.

Mathias C. Bellout has completed final Ph.D exams (2014-12-16)
His dissertation is entitled: "Joint Optimization of Well Placement and Controls Petroleum Field Development". The Evaluation Committee consisted of Professor Jan Dirk Jansen, Delft University of Technology, Research Director Ying Guo, Total E&P Norway and Professor Ole Torsæter NTNU. The title of the public lecture was: "Long- and short-term production optimization under uncertain geological and economic conditions". The main supervisor has been Professor Jon Kleppe and co-supervisor Professor Bjarne Foss.

Visit from Italy (2014-12-16)
A group from Instituto Nazionale di e Gefisica Sperimentale visited the department today for discussions of cooperation in geophysics. The group consisted of Jose Maria Carcione, Davide Gei and Riccardo Geletti, and from NTNU attended Egil Tjåland, Børge Arntsen and Alexey Stovas.

Visit by TOTAL E&P Norway (2014-12-15)
The annual partnership meeting between TOTAL E & P Norway and NTNU was held today. The purpose of the meeting is to review the status of existing cooperation and decide on new activities. From TOTAL participated Rune Teigland, Vanessa Richon, Christian Pauchon and Ottar Minsaas, and from NTNU Hilde Skeie, Egil Tjåland, Ole Jørgen Nydal and Martin Landrø

Million year old CO2 storage discovered in New Mexico (2014-12-12)
In TU discusses Martin Landrø and Kjetil Haavik the significance of this discovery, showing that CO2 can be stored for a long time without leaking out. The dome in New Mexico contains 25 times as much CO2 as the total annual emissions.

Visit to Mexico (2014-12-09)
By invitation of the Norwegian ambassador to Mexico, HE Merethe Nergaard, it was today organized a workshop at the Embassy in Mexico City to promote cooperation between Norway and Mexico in the petroleum sector. Participants come from several universities, CNH (analogous to petroleum directorate), IMP (analogous to SINTEF), INTSOK, and various ministries. From Norway; Egil Tjåland, Kjell Arne Jacobsen and Arild Nystad.

Former student becomes CEO of Lundin Norway (2014-12-05)
Kristin Færøvik graduated as petroleum engineer from the department in 1985. She worked many years in BP in Norway and abroad, before joining Marathon in 2003. In 2008 she became head of the Marathon Norway. After working as CEO of Rosenberg since 2010, she now replaces Torstein Sannes as CEO of Lundin Norway.

NTNU's Board arranged a workshop discussing the ethics and petroleum (2014-12-04)
Tuesday afternoon a discussion meeting on ethics and petroleum was arranged under the auspices of the Board of NTNU. The meeting was held at Lerchendal Gaard and introductory presentations were given by Olav Bjarte Fosso, leader of TSO Energy, Annik Bold, leader of TSO Sustainable Society Development and Christian Tangene, student representative on the Board of NTNU. Then there was an open discussion. As two key persons in petroleum research at NTNU, Egil Tjåland and Jon Kleppe were invited to participate. Universitetsavisa is reviewing the discussion below.

Most read articles at geoforskning.no in November (2014-12-03)
Our researchers are popular on geoforskning.no in November. The article about Wiktor Waldemar Weibull and Børge Arntsen who won Best Poster Paper under the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Meeting is the most read. In addition, the article about Kjetil Haavik and Martin Landrø is in second place. They have observed ice throughs in the central part of the North Sea made by icebergs during the last Ice Age. Plowing tracks located in thin sand layers that are filled with gas, which makes the light visible in seismic map.

The job market for petroleum students is being discussed at e24.no (2014-12-02)
Our petroleum engineering student Vinh Vuong Tran is among those interviewed by e24.no about developments in the job market as a result of reductions in oil prices, as well as the campaign underway to reduce costs on the Norwegian continental shelf.

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